Fresh and Natural

Dear customers,

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, our farm shop will be closed for the foreseeable future.  As we are a small, local business, we depend completely on you, our local customer base, so we are trying to keep you supplied with decent bread and eggs for as long as we can, as safely as we can.

As a food business, we always have very strict environmental health and hygiene measures in place, but please be reassured that we going over and above our usual strict procedures in order to minimise any cross contamination.

At the moment we are able to keep the bakery operational, but with a very small number of staff.  This means that the variety of our output will be reduced.  Thanks for your understanding and continued support.

You will now find us online at the Open Food Network UK where we have an online presence. 

We do not have the capacity to deliver to all of our customers, so have set up a collection point in our coffee shop which should minimise as much as possible, contact between staff and other customers.  Orders will be left on metal racks, in alphabetical order, doors will be left open so you can simply walk in, collect your prepaid order and leave  Please note that we do not send orders through the post. 

We know, however, that some of you, our regular customers, may be self isolating for various reasons, and we are happy to discuss alternative arrangements for you.

Look after yourselves and your families

Lots of love

The Woodlea Team