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Fridays 10am to 3pm                                        Wednesdays 4pm to Thursdays 4pm

Saturdays 10am to 3pm                                      Thursdays 4pm to Fridays 4pm

Sundays 10am to 3pm                                        Fridays 4pm to Saturdays 4pm

​​​Currently, products  are available to buy from our online shop. Orders can then be collected from the farm, where they will be left in alphabetical order. We are a local business serving our local community and so we would be grateful if you could share this information with any friends or family who are not on Facebook or the Internet.

For any of our regular customers who are unable to order online and/or collect their order (e.g. due to self-isolation or no internet access) please telephone or email us and we will try to make alternative arrangements for your order.

To access our online shop, please click on the link below for the open Food Network