Open Food Network UK

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Fridays   10am to 8pm                                      Wednesdays 4pm to Thursdays 4pm

Saturdays 10am to 8pm                                      Thursdays 4pm to Fridays 4pm

Sundays  10am to 8pm                                       Fridays 4pm to Saturdays 7pm

Fresh and Natural

​​​Currently, we are encouraging customers to buy from our online shop on the Open Food Network hub. Ordering and prepaying online allows you to get what you want and orders can then be collected from the farm, at your own convenience.

We will also have a small supply of bread, scones, eggs and other baked goodies in our physical shop which is open each Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am till 1pm (or until sold out).

To access our online shop, please click on the link below for the open Food Network